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Im 17 still in high school on april 27 to the 28 me an my boyfriend had unprotected sex 3 times he didnt pull out an ive been feeling sick at times during the day, extreme tiredness no matter how much I sleep, an no matter how much I eat I still feel hungrey a lil bit later and ontop of it all my period is irregular I only get it like every 3 months plus I had spotting I thought it could have been my period but it only lasted about 2 days an wasnt a normal period color I am freaking out please someone tell me could I be pregnant should I take a test, go to the doctors and my boyfriend wants me to tell my mom but I cant do tht she still thinks I am a virgin she didnt know I wasnt and im afraid if I tell her she will end up back in the hospital an I cant deal with tht knowing it would be my fault ik how she feels about teens having sex , can someone please give me advice of any kind Ik I was stupid for not using protection I wasnt thinking but now I am


Hi Guessr,

Your symptoms are not specific (only mean) that you are pregnant.  It would be VERY early for you to have any symptoms whatsoever.

Wait another week then take a home test.  Testing now would be a little early.  Use your first morning - wakeup - urine to test.  It's more concentrated so you would be more likely to get an accurate result.

Hope it helps.