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okay this may be long and graphic but the more the better. so I haven't had my period in two months and ive always had unprotected sex (im trying to get pregnant). im on no bc or anything. the guy has never came inside me just on the my butt and on the outside. I had sex twice unprotected in November and December and I havent had my period since I went to the doctor and took a pee test that came back negative and I also took two HPT and they came back negative. so I didn't have sex again until last Thursday. (no protection) he came on the outside of my vagina. on monday (Feb 11) I had what I thought was supposed to be my period but all it was was a very light pink color until Wednesday (feb 13) when it was a very dark brown color. I would wear a tampon but not enough to fill it all the way up. and when I would sleep with a pad there would be nothing on it. I looked up every possible symptoms of being pregnant and ive had the nausea, bloated, cravings, heart burn, diarrhea, pain in chest and lower abdominal area. but ive had no tender breasts. please help. could I be pregnant? was that implantation bleeding? when should I test again? should I get a blood test? thank you in advance for all the help.


Hi Spammy,

Take another home test using your very first morning urine (wakeup).  Your other symptoms are NOT specific to pregnancy.

There can be some bleeding early in pregnancy.  Implantation bleeding is usually VERY light spotting, nothing you'd even need a pad over.

If it continues, see your doctor to find out why your period is irregular.

Hope it helps.