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I started getting these wierd dizzy spells about a year ago and since then they have been getting progressively worse. Now I get very intense and frequent "episodes"
-my heart rate increases suddenly (jumps from approx 68/70bpm to 128bpm in a second) and this is not a result of exercise or stimulation...its spontaneous
-i usually find it hard to breath (feeling of pressure on my chest)
-I can feel all the blood rushng to my head (like I've been hanging up-side-down)
-I often feel feel sick and have bad cramps in my upper abdomen
-I get an intense pain all around my head in a band and can feel it all throbbing. feels like my heart is in my head and is beating really hard.
-Heart feels like its going to explode out of my chest
- Get extremely dizzy and can't focus properly
- Feel really dehydrated
-I suffer from low blood pressure (usually 90/75) but it increases to approx. 130/80 during these episodes
-I also sweat profusely when they happen (i have clamy, sweaty hands the whole time lately)
- Everyone says I'm losing loads of weight but I eat loads!!! more than i used to!

Please help me to figure this out. All tests seem to be coming back clear. The doctor suggested testing my adrenal glands and while researching I realisesd that my symtoms are like those of Pheochromocytoma. What do you think?


I have symptoms that are incredibly similar to yours, and was especially amazed by your similar description of the "pain all around my head in a band". I have been to the ED about 4 times this past month.
:-( What were you finally diagnosed with?
How are you now?