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I just recently got diagnosed with ADD, and will start an Adderall prescription regimen soon. I was wondering what side effects everyone has had.



Although there are many side effects of adderall, (can find via a google search) of course not everyone experiences the same, or any at all.

I am an 18 year old college student, and have myself have been perscribed nearing a year (for college) but only take it during the week, or on weekends that I need extra "focus" for studying. Sometimes I do not take it every school day either (definately follow advice doctor gives you) and find that I cannot focus enough to even make it through class.

A major side effect as in any "speed" type drug is addiction... You could get to the point (as I do) where you feel like you cannot do normal, everyday tasks without it.

I have also experienced (much to my dismay) a horrible lack of appetite. I went to eating four or five huge meals a day (fast metabolism) to doing good to eat one or two full meals a day. Even when I am STARVING, and I simply love the food, I can only take a few bites from my plate. It leaves my rather tired, and pissed off at times.

Another problem I experience is a difficulty in falling asleep, as I am already a night-time person, and adderall seems to keep me wired unless I take measures to calm down in time for bed.

A friend of mine experiences some mild anger and irratabilty problems himself.

In the end, if your doctor prescribes it, it most likely is for good reason, and you should follow it. I have heard some to call it a "miracle drug" that they cannot live without, as many will claim for whatever drug that works for them best.

Sorry that I am so long winded, but I really hope this helps you out!!