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Ok i need advice. My fiance and I have been having unprotected sex (and a lot of it teehee) almost everyday for 9 months with no baby., im not sure if i am or not and Im too nervous and scared to get my hopes up by taking yet ANOTHER test again this month. I ovulated on july 17. Started to spot around around the 24th. (My period has been on the irregular side since I first got it, and that was 15 years ago. Numerous trips to the gyno for tests show up fine, just a stubburn period) I went thru a light day liner a day for 3 days, then i didnt need any liners b/c it was so light and spotty that it was only there when I wiped. Aslo, since I ovulated, i have been so lazy and tired, I just CAN NOT get out of bed b4 11am. But I also cant get to sleep until 3 am. very lethargic, legs get tired even walking up to my second floor!!! I woke up 2 times in the night from an "out of the blue" sour stomach. And food..omg, I want spicey for dinner then I have to eat nighttime sweets or I swear I will rip off someones head!! LOL. Very low back soar. and for 2 days my ovaries are taking turns cramping..not tremendous pain. Just enough to annoy me. And then about 4 hours ago, my fiance and i had sex..not an off the wall position, (im not trying to be crude, just accurate so someone can give me some good advice) and It hurt my cervix so bad i thought i may break! ok what else...oh yeah i am bloated (blah I hate that feeling) and my feet are swollen which never happens with my period. I am 31 years old if that makes a difference in anyone opinions. Ok so it sound sto me like I an probably preggo but It hurts SOOO much when I take that test and there is no second line!! Oh also I have cryed everyday for about a week. with no reason. just like fantasizing about crazy what if my fiance was hurt or something really wierd like that. All comments suggestions and opinions are welcome to tell me any of your thoughts!!! Thank you for reading my post.


While some of the things you mention do sound like the early signs of pregnancy, I am a bit concerned about the sore stomach and lower back pain you mention. The sudden terrible pain during sex is NOT normal either. 

I really hope that I am wrong here, but a friend of mine went through an ectopic pregnancy and the symptoms you are describing sound kind of similar. I don't mean to freak you out at all, but under the circumstances, I think you should call your symptoms in to your doctor by phone at the very least. If you start having heavy pain, bleeding, fever, shoulder pain, etc, then go to the ER.