Hello all, I would REALLY appreciate any opinions you might be able to give me on the following. I have an irregular cycle (always have), anywhere from 34 to 42 days, very occasionally it is 50 days. However, once my period comes it is ALWAYS the same, very heavy with clotting the first two days and then moderate for two and light for the 5th and 6th days. I have NEVER experienced spotting. Two days ago (day 44 current cycle), I noticed a bit of blood when wiping (sorry if TMI) and thought I was getting my period..I have only had spotting brown or darkish pink since then, only when I wipe or when I went to put a tampon in (thought it was AF). I had very light cramps for about an hour the first day (generally have somewhat severe cramps on entire first day of my period, this is nothing like them) and nothing else since then. I think I ovulated around the 23-26 (just a guess but noticed possible ovulation cramp) and my fiance and I had sex using withdrawal on the 15th, 20th, 28th and 2nd; at least twice each time. We are not actively ttc but would still welcome a pregnancy. So my questions are:
1. Could this be implantation bleeding? It is like nothing I've had before? What else could it be? I'm not and never have been on the pill (not able to take hormonal contraceptives)
2. How soon would an hpt work? I took one this a.m. with first urine and it was neg.
3. I have no other symptoms apart from the fact that my bbs are still slightly swollen like pms (and they were really sensitive last week, not so much this week)
Sorry for the long post but I just want to know the possibility one way or another...I know nobody can say for sure but please let me know any opinions or similar experiences!!!!!