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My fiance and I have been trying for about 2 weeks now to have a baby. We had sex the 18th and 19th about 6 times and he ejaculated every time, the 23rd - 26th about 8 times and same thing with ejaculation, and then yesterday about 2 times and the same story. The last few days I have been feeling sick. Monday morning at about 10 in the morning I woke up feeling sick to my stomach but I never threw up and it only lasted about 30 minutes. Yesterday I was fine but this morning I woke up at about 8:50 in the morning and started feeling very sick almost like someone punched me in the stomach but again I haven't thrown up. I have had the worst gas this morning and I haven't ate anything that would give me the gas. There have been some things that have been making me nausea when I smell them. Like Extra fruit sensations gum and a vanilla scented candle (even my vanilla body spray). I know that it is still early to take a PT but what do you think.

Also please do not lecture me on how I should be married before I go trying for a kid. I am old enough and have a stable life. This is something that both my fiance and I want.


well it may be a little early to know for sure.... but to increase your chances you should have sex when you're ovulating (which is about 12-14 days after the first day of your last period) so for example if you had it on the 12th then your best days would be around the 24-26.... so lyk around that week.... but good luck and hope i helped


This is my first time on any forum. I was diagnosed with endometriosis about 8 years ago and have had 2 surgeries with the last one resulting in one of my ovaries removed. My doctor told me that I would probably never be able to conceive. Just last year I found out that two of my old friends from high school had the same problem and finally got pregnant. My husband and I decided to ttc naturally for a year before discussing fertility treatments. Here I am, 1 year later, and I have been having a very different cycle. I recently saw an endocrinologist because of hair loss and weight gain and found out I was deficient in vitD and that my prolactin levels were elevated. On my last visit I fount out that my levels were back to normal and also started taking Biotin for the hair loss. A friend suggested taking it since my vitB tests kept on getting mishandled. Anyway, here are my symptoms.......
CD 8 & 9 ewcm---I hadn't had much of it in the past year since I stopped seasonique that the doc prescribed to help with the endo...
CD 13---light pink spotting on tp only when I wiped( this has never happened to me)
CD 14-20 back pain especially later in the day, headaches off and on along with nausea and dizziness
CD 20(TODAY) fluttering feeling near left ovary(the only one I have)
My breasts usually get swollen after ovulation, but nothing yet.
I stopped charting and stopped using opks because I was tired of being disappointed
I did start checking my temps after the pink cm occurred and it seems as though I did ovulate
I do occasionally check for cervix position and also know that it isn't a reliable technique.

My questions are: Could I have ovulated on cd 8 or 9 and had implantation bleeding on 3 or 4 dpo?
Has anyone ever experienced this before and come out pregnant?
What else could the pink cm mean besides ovulation without ewcm?

What do y'all think?