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About two months ago, I noticed a small, hard, painless, fluid-less, colorless bump on the shaft of my penis. Since then, it has remained the same size and has not been painful, irritated, or itchy. I visited the Health Services at my school, but due to lack of insurance in my school's area, I was unable to be chemically tested. Upon visual observation, the doctor said it did not appear to be genital warts, but probably a small papule, and recommended that I treat it with a hot compress.

I do have an image link with a picture of the bump readily available.

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However, since I can't visit a doctor back home for a few weeks, I'd like to know what this actually is specifically and any possible treatments. Any similar situations, treatment success stories, or more details would be greatly appreciated!


Hello there, I am writing to you in order to share my friend's problem, he had a penis bump of course. He was not sexually active in that period, because it was six years ago, and he saw a dermatologist who told him that it is some kind of pimple and it will disappear after two weeks of using good therapy, and doctor was completely right. According to this you should test your blood on sexually transmitted diseases if you were sexually active. Although if you never had sex, you should not be worried because it has to be a pimple or some kind of cyst.