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Hi everyone,

I've been wondering about this for some time, but I'm pretty bad about going to the doctors, so I hope someone here can give some sort of help. Im a 21 year old male, and for as long as I can remember (way before I was sexually active), I have had a white bump, almost like a pimple, on my penis, right under the head, on the foreskin. It's not painful, never goes away, doesnt itch, and doesnt puss. It wont "pop"... its just kind of there. Also, I have a lack of feeling in my penis, where sometimes during intercourse, I really just dont feel a thing. I have no clue if they are related or not. Anyone with any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You


Hi there. I have one of those as well, and it's not anything to worry about. I would probably just show it to the doctor the next time I was there just to ensure it's nothing to worry about. Neither of those things is related though--you probably don't have feeling in your penis because you have been circumcised, which is pretty common.

Did that help?