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The question is how informed are we about dangerous genital diseases and are the young having access to the information that could keep them safe?
Syphilis and Gonorrhoea have been around for ages and it is difficult to believe that young adolescents are not also aware of the more recent and very scary HIV. The first two can be treated and result in a complete cure if caught in time. Problem with both is that they can be passed on before the carrier is aware that they are infected. But at least there is hope!
HIV or more popularly known as AIDS is a death sentence. It can be delayed, normal sexual relations can be carried on with the use of condoms and care but the outcome is eventually an unpleasant passing and loved ones are always in jeopardy.                             
There is another candidate genital disease that does not receive the attention it warrants and that is genital warts.
Small growths can appear in the genital area that can have serious consequences for both men and women. These small warts can be mistaken as benign, and many are, but those that aren’t can be fatal.
There is no way that any man or women can be sure that these small, and sometimes unnoticed growths are benign or lethal. Constant observation of the genital area is of paramount importance among the sexually active who have a variety of partners.
Worse case scenario is that dangerous genital warts can be transmitted via oral or genital sex.
Unexpected small growths in the mouth are likely to be noticed very early, but anal warts can be much less obvious.
Both heterosexuals and homosexuals are equally at risk so be very aware and keep an eye open for any sign of small and unusual growths on the genitals, the anus or the mouth and do not be too embarrassed to take immediate medical advice.
Genital warts can be very dangerous.
It is not only your life at stake but also that of your partners.  

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