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I went to a GP for a routine physical and he identified a non serious hernia on my right side. I have always had extreme sensitivity in my testicles and recently have had recurring twinges of pain in what feels like the back underside of my right testicle.

In addition to this, doing a routine testicular exam, found a small (pencil tip sized) node on the testicle itself. It seems to be slightly painful, but may be due sensitivity.

I am a bit concerned about both issues. What are your thoughts/possible diagnoses?


Hi there I had also bump on scrotum, it was not painful, but I felt awful ditch very often. According to this I visited a doctor actually dermatologist, who has seen that my bump is reddish and she gave me some medicament and my problem became past in ten days due to this useful therapy. If we talk about your second problem,  it can be connected to the first one if you were sexually active in last few months, and my advice is to check your blood. Although if you were not sexually active, my advice is avoiding lifting heavy weights.