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What do you need to know about swallowing semen? Let's take a look!

Contents Of The Male Ejaculate

Semen contains a wide variety of nutrients, from zinc, calcium, magnesium, and iron to vitamin C and vitamin B12. The male ejaculate also features amino acids, protein, and different sugars, along with sperm cells. The latter make up less than one percent of the male ejaculate. Pre-ejaculatory fluid, on the other hand, may contain some sperm cells, along with the above "ingredients". 

Swallowing semen following oral sex will cause it to reach your stomach through your esophagus. From there, it will be digested by your body the same way anything else that is remotely edible is. 

Oral Transmission Of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Anyone who engages in oral sex should be aware that oral sex can facilitate the spread of sexually transmitted infections. STIs that are especially likely to be passed on through oral sex are gonorrhea, syphilis, and genital herpes. It is also possible, though less common, to catch HIV, chlamydia, Hepatitis A, B, and C, and genital warts through oral sex. 

Any person who is particularly concerned about swallowing semen should be aware that swallowing semen isn't required for the oral transmission of these diseases — you can get a sexually transmitted disease even if you "receive and dump", as it were. Additionally, the presence of pre-ejaculatory fluid isn't even required for the transmission of genital herpes and genital warts; simple contact will do the trick in those cases.

People who want to be able to enjoy an active and satisfying sex life, including oral sex, without worrying about sexually transmitted infections, should always get tested together with their partner. If both partners are free of STIs, oral sex is safe. Having multiple partners and having unprotected sex without being aware of your partner's STI status increases your risk of catching an STI. 

Dental dams are available for those who need extra protection. 

Feelings About Swallowing Semen

One male SteadyHealth reader was particularly concerned about swallowing semen while being a man himself. I would like to reassure this man that swallowing semen doesn't pose threats to men that do not apply to women. Hence, the story about STI testing applies here all the same. I would like to encourage those men who are working on accepting their being gay or bisexual to check out LGBT resources that will help them work through their sexuality.

Swallowing semen seems to have become more of a trend since the advent of online graphic materials, with some people reporting that they feel a pressure to do this although it does not appeal to them. To these people, I would like to say that good, healthy, and satisfying sex is the result of enthusiastic mutual consent. If you find swallowing semen erotic and your partner is confirmed to be free of STIs, go for it. If you do not care for the practice or even find it repulsive, then don't do it. If your partner is pressuring you to do it anyway, there are plenty of guys that are more compatible with you in the bedroom — and in life, as romantic partners, for that matter. 

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