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My left labia minora looks normal but my right labia minora is much smaller, with no real noticeable "flap". I also noticed a small, dark (not too dark, sort of coloured like a light bruise) lump on my right, lower, labia minora. It is soft and completely painless, I didn't notice it until I was in the bathroom and saw a dark, raised spot on my inner lips. I first thought it was just a shadow being cast by the light on a normal lump. Could it be serious? I have only had one sexual partner in my life. I have been with him 2 years and I'm adamant he's faithful. My family has no history of cancer. I plan to go to the doctor but I would like an idea of what I'm dealing with. Thank you in advance.


Hi. I would get i pregnancy test. if its negative you could go and get a blood test just to make sure everything is ok.. i dont think working out could affect you,but if you are worried then just take it easy..

You could call your gynaecologist and explain ..they ve got all the right ansers..