On 4/25, I had unprotected sex with an acquaintance of mine who I've known for a few years. I am on birth control, so pregnancy wasn't a fear. He's only slept with one other girl, and she was a virgin when they started their relationship. He hadn't had sex in about four years leading up to sleeping with me. He said he's never had any symptoms of STIs. I told him about this lump, and he said he's nearly positive that he doesn't have STIs, especially not herpes. I was tested on Thursday, 5/2 for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV. The doctor used a plastic speculum and did a vaginal swab test. At the time, everything looked completely normal. All tests came back negative. On Friday, 5/3, my left labia minora (the bigger of the two) seemed a little off, and I thought I felt a little bump there. Since then, the bump has progressed and gotten a little bigger. The bump is under the skin. It can be felt but not seen. It isn't pimple-like, and there is no head. I don't think it looks like a blister. I haven't shown any other signs of herpes, like fatigue, fever, headache, backaches, painful urination, genital itching, or flu-like symptoms. I think the bump is fluid filled, but if it is herpes I don't want to lance it because I'm afraid that would spread the bumps and cause an outbreak. The bump only hurts whenever I touch it for prolonged periods of time or rub it, the same way any area of the vulva would be irritated after touching like that. Even then, it's more of a dull discomfort. I'll be going back to a women's health clinic to have this checked out as soon as possible, but does anyone know what this is? If not, could anyone verify that it probably isn't herpes?  My discharge has been completely normal. I got my period yesterday, two days after the bump began developing, but before then my discharge was like it usually is.