Last month I got a boil around my public hair. So I figured it was just from an ingrown hair. It healed and then I lump appeared between my labia minora and labia majora, more on my labia minora. It was small and bright red at first then it began to grow and turn into a darker blue purple-ish colour like the colour of a bruise. It was also itchy and hurt to touch it and wear tight clothes. After about 5 days Blood and pus started to come out for a day and a half. After it bled it no longer hurt or bothered me at all and it was small lump again and I've just been waiting it out to see if it'll go away but it's been about two weeks now and last night I kinda wiped it in a hard way and it started to bleed again a bit with pus too. So at this point I'm very concerned and wonder if this is happened to anyone else? If it's an STI? If it'll go away? Pls help