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I have a unique case that has been seen & undiagnosed/wrongly diagnosed between 2 docs. Alot of info is involved I will try to clarify but keep as short as possible.

The 1st week of October I noticed a deep, painful, pea-sized lump, upper RIGHT labia. Within a day or so it had grown nearly walnut-sized. Also, in this time I developed another pea-sized lump, LEFT side, labia minora. This LEFT never grew larger. Neither of the 2 lumps blistered, broke, came to a head or even came close to the skin surface like Herpes (HSV). Just hard, tender lumps. However, my right groin lymph gland became sore, which IS a characteristic of HSV. I made a doctors appt w/my family doc. He said he sees Herpes very frequent, but this DID NOT look anything like Herpes. A Bartholian gland cyst was ruled out b/c there was 2, one of which being my upper labia. I had just gotten a STD screen w/my papsmear one month earlier. It was clear. I was sent to get blood drawn to check for HSV1 & HSV2, since you can contract both Herpes 1&2 in the genital area.

My results came back that I had been exposed to HSV1 (primarily oral) BUT at time of the lab there was NO ACTIVE outbreak. Meaning that the lumps had NOTHING to do with HSV1 since I had the lab drawn while i still had the lumps.

This was brushed aside because lumps disappeared within a few days (HSV1 is the cause of cold sores/fever blisters and 90% of the population contracts orally in their lifetime, usually before the age of 12).

As of 2 days ago (11/9/09), I found another similar pea-sized lump, labia minora, RIGHT side, which hasnt really changed in size. The right lymph gland was tender the 1st two days, but fine today.

I was due to have a 2nd lab drawn for the HSV1 confirmation during this time anyway, so I did, but no results are back and Im not sure if I can trust them. I decided to get a 2nd opinion at PLanned Parenthood, while i still had the lump. The second doctor is convinced its Herpes, even though I had copies of the charts from my doctor stating that it was NOT. She only looked at it for about 30seconds. She agreed that the symptoms were NOT typical, but she refused to think it could possibly anything else (folliculititis, ingrown hair, abscess, boil, various possible cysts, "misplaced" ovarian cyst, epidermoid, epithelial inclusion). So now Im stuck between believing my family doctor who read my lab results and said that I did NOT have HSV1 genitally and Planned Parenthood, who I also showed my lab results to and said she was still 100% sure I am having an outbreak for the 2nd time in 4-5wks.

PLEASE HELP!!?!?!?!?

ps. there is NOTHING to see unless you stretch the skin in order to see the lump


I think that you should see a third doctor about it and see what the second round of lab tests say--you have one doctor who knows your history and diagnosed you one way, and another who doesn't and diagnosed you another. A third would shed a little more light on this, I think. Is that possible?


So honestly do not know what this is but I have been looking this up due to having the same problem. I am a Emergency physician so not an ob/gyn. This is not an sti. I believe from my experience and research so far that this is a blocked gland. Had this first 10 years ago with pea sized nodule in left labia minora and was in undergrad at that time saw a doctor and was also brought up hsv but I am married and only sexually active with one person ( been married 12 years now he has never had any problems). If went a way after a few weeks. This time started about 2 weeks ago while I was on my period and then was using some tampons that where not comfortable (had some friction) then the irritated pea size nodule returned. Now I am doing some war, sits baths and leaving it alone doing some research. But again I believe this is a blocked gland which will resolve if,it does not get infected.