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i've had it for a few years; it doesn't hurt, nor affect my vision. unfortunatly, it is ugly. it is in the corner of my eye(inner) on the left side. what is this? ?


Since it doesn’t affect your vision this is probably wart. Warts are common and nasty and they appear all over the body. They are usually consequence of HPV (Human papilloma virus). Unfortunately there is no cure for HPV but it is easy to control.

First you should consult with your doctor and discover do you have it but if you have warts on any other part of your body it is most likely that you do. After diagnosis he will let you know the options how to keep HPV under control.

Second if you want to get rid of this eye wart there are several ways and it is up to you to choose the one that best suits you. And if you have it for some time and it doesn’t bother you you don’t have to do anything. The choice is yours.