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Although you may find it hypocritical, you could still keep your kids away from smoking even if you can’t kick the habit yourself. The point is in the approach.

It may not work just to simply tell them not to smoke– it may take a bit more than that.

Don’t feel guilty about your smoking and avoid talking to your children about it. You need to find a tactic because your children are at high risk of taking up the habit themselves.

It would give you more credibility if you spoke from the experience of becoming addicted to nicotine and point out your reluctance to smoking today. You could also stress the inability of kicking the dirty old habit and talk about what it means and feels like to be addicted.
You could also avoid leaving dirty ashtrays around the house and avoid sending your children to get you packs from the stores.


when a parent smokes right infront of their kid, it's telling them it's okay to smoke. If the parent tells the kid not to do it, then they themselves shouldn't be smoking at all! It causes the child[ren] to be sick, get asthma, and second hand smoke (or whatever it's called) and the parents, in my opinion, are being pretty damn selfish and thoughtless of their own child[ren]'s needs. they need to smoke OUTSIDE!!!

A kid I know lives with his mom who has a inhaler in one hand, a cigarette in the other and she's on a freaking oxygen tank! There's signs all over the house saying not to smoke inside!!! Plus, she burned herself with a cigarette cuz she fell asleep with it in her hand! Smart move, ain't it? The kid had to call 911 and stuff, and now he smokes like mad, gets high all the time... It's a really sad sight to see.

My mom smoked for who knows how long, and it won't be much longer till she croaks, and no one lives in the house with her, she's all alone and she'll be all alone when she dies. My dad, however, quit when I was 2, I'm 20 years old now. They used to smoke with me and my brother were in the car...



This is some smoker. It sometimes it is hard to believe how one thing can be addictive. I have just read that early smokers are more dependent on nicotine. They say that they inhale more nicotine then others.
Guest I am sorry for your mother, but thank you for this story, I think it can be inspiring for some.