I'm a 17 year old mom , i recently got the depo-provera 3month shot exactly a week and 6 days ago. I been experiencing some weird symptoms I'm not sure if its cause i might be pregnant or side effects of Depo-Provera shot. My family planing doctor  told me to wait a 4days before having unprotected sex so i did. ts been a week since ive had unprotected sex and Well my breast been feeling sore and actually looks and feels like my breast got bigger? Ive also been getting this white smelly discharge. Haven't been feeling nauseousness or haven't been peeing allot  I do get some really bad camping but it goes away when i poop. My period is not till the 5th of next month. People say you get very light or no periods at all, So how would i know if im pregnant or not? Its way to early for a pregnancy test.

i know this is out of the question but about 3 or 4 months ago iv been feeling something move inside my stomach, kinda like a baby kicking. I know i wasn't pregnant i took over 4 pregnancy test, went to the clinic, and had my period normally every month didn't missed it. It went away but its came back, and this time i feel it more often! what can this be?