ok well ive been on the depo shot for almost a year and a half and i was 4 months late on it bacause my doctor told me i had to be on my period to get it ( thats never happened before) and i went back when i got it and they told me i had to be off of it and that happened for 4 months then i finally got an i have had unprotected sex a lot with my boyfriend since then and ive been feeling really weird here lately not myself and the depo shot never reacted to my body like this ive been cramping, eating and peeing a lot, my breast are tender and hurt and i just started getting sick not to long ago, ive took test but they say negative but i think its because the depo shot is in my system and i dont get my period while im on it, so i really dont know what to do, i was supposed to get my next shot on the march 20th but i was scared to because i didnt know if i was pregnant or not, im only 16 almost 17 so i cant tell my mom just yet because shell kill!!! but i need to know what to do.. since i didnt get my shot this time should i just wait to see if i get my period or get another test or what im so confused and kinda scared.. i need some opinions please help!! thank you!