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Getting your tubes tied is one of the most effective methods for female sterilization. It is 99% effective and even though there is a theoretical chance of getting pregnant, it is highly unlikely to happen. Everyone should keep in mind that that no contraceptive method is a 100% safe thus pregnancy after tubal ligation is theoretically still possible.  

Tubal ligation, which is the medical term for tying tubes, is done so that the fallopian tubes are permanently blocked. Once this is achieved, sperm can no longer travel up the tube and fertilize the egg, thus preventing pregnancy.

In the 1% of cases (this chance increases to almost 2% after 10 years), there is small passageway open through which the sperm can find its way to the egg. In most cases, the fertilized ovum will not be able to descend towards the uterus since the passage will be blocked and thus be unable to receive sufficient nutrition.

An ectopic pregnancy can occur in the situation where the fertilized ovum is unable to descend into the uterus. A pregnancy which occurs in the fallopian tubes instead of the uterus is referred to as an ectopic pregnancy.

If the clinical signs and symptoms of pregnancy start to appear, then it is recommended to take the home pregnancy test or get a urine test done at a laboratory. If the test is positive and an ectopic pregnancy is detected, it can be terminated with much more conservative procedures than otherwise.

The level of hCG which is the key indicator of pregnancy is lower in ectopic pregnancy than in normal pregnancy and is used as a key indicator to differentiate between the two.

Laparoscopy can be used to remove the fetus or it can even be dissolved through injections at an early stage.

In some cases, the tubes that have been ‘tied’ or rather burned off, heal back and become functional again. This means that the sperm can now travel to the egg and fertilize it. If such an occurrence happens then that means that insufficient coagulation or burning was done during the surgical procedure.

Look For Other Possibilities

So even though it is possible to get pregnant after having undergone tubal ligation, it is unlikely to happen. This is why other possible reasons for an onset of pregnancy like symptoms should be done as well.

There are many things that can affect the menstrual cycle like stress, certain medications or hormone imbalances. A thyroid imbalance could be one of the reasons why a period was missed , can cause weight gain/loss and even bring on rapid mood swings.

The onset of menopause can also be associated with hot flashes, mood swings and a tendency to gain weight.

It is likely that your doctor will take a thorough clinical history, conduct a physical examination and possibly order some tests to rule out the obvious causes.

Ligation Reversal

Tubal ligation reversal is a procedure in which the fallopian tubes are attempted to be re-opened and restored to normal function because the woman has had a change of mind. It is a procedure with a low probability of success, particularly if the ligation was done with severe methods.

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