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I know i am a mess. A week ago i find out i am pregnant and i dont know who the father is. I really hope you can help me because i am freakin out. So here we go. I had my period on 24 june. At 1 july I had sex with my bf and he ejaculated inside me. At 14 july i made a mistake with my ex boyfriend but he surely pulled out. Then at 16 july u had light bleeding for 2 days. At 25 and 30 july my boyfriend ejaculated inside me again. Today the date is 17 august and i have an ultrasound that shows i am 4 to 5 weeks pregnant. If only i know it is my bf baby i would ne very happy but now i am thinking i should abort the baby. Can someone help me


Hi Anna,

With a period starting on June 24 you'd normally be expect to ovulate between July 5 and 10. Sperm can survive up to about 5 days - max.  The egg is only viable for up to about 48 hours.

You had sex with your boyfriend on July 1.  Timing was good.

Having sex anytime after July 12 conception is unlikely and the more time after that the more unlikely it becomes.  It was several days past ovulation when you had sex with your ex - and you think he pulled out.

Odds are very good that it is NOT your ex-bf's baby. 

Don't rely on the ultrasound dating.  If you know when your period started you have an accurate idea of when you conceived.  Ultrasound dating is an estimate.

Your boyfriend is very likely the father.  From your posted info, 95% or greater.  A DNA test can confirm - and you can get it done at about 9 weeks using a non-invasive test.  They obtain the babies DNA from your blood.

Hope it helps.  Good luck.