I am 23 yrs old and am going thru the same problem~ spotting and sometimes cramping after sex... I have been on birth control since I was 17 after I had an abortion , I am on orthro lo, I am supposed to get my period in a week and a half yet while were havin sex I bleed a lil and have had minor cramps randomly thruout the day. I was just at the gyno a few months ago and showed no stds but my pap was abnormal.. said I could have either too many cells or too less or it could go away on its own but to get another pap in 6 months. I can't remmeber what they called it tho. I don't have sex that much bc my bf is long distance, so sometimes will go 2 to 3 weeks without sex and then have it atleast once to three times a day for a couple days in a row. I'm pretty sure this has never happened before... before this, the last time I had sex was about two and half weeks ago and took a pregnancy test (that was negative) just a couple nights ago for no other reason beside I am a paranoid weirdo and read into stupid things such as feeling as tho I had a bit of baby bump(when really I was just eating a lot bc it is now gone) and throwing up a couple times after a few glasses of wine when that would normally never happen. The spotting almost looked liked little clots to me. I know this is a lot of information but I just want the best possible answer bc I was reading things about cervitis? Or something along those lines, I doubt I'm pregnant and am nervous Its something serious. Pleaseee share... I will call the doctor tomorrow morning but mostlikly won't be able to find out for weeks bc I go to planned parenthood bc I have no insurance and that usually takes a while to see someone.. and the fact that ill be on my period next week and they won't see me til its over.please help me out peopleee