Hello! okay, so I haven't had a pap smear in almost 5yrs when my son was born. i always have my period between 28-35days. 3days ago i started having brown spotting but not much today it increased a little a turned red sometimes but mostly brown. it seems like i am having a very light period. i have been stressed for the last few weeks w/my daughter starting kindergarten & not knowing whether my husbands work shift would go back to 2nds, whether I needed to quit my job, and i hate my boss!!! i'm usually relaxed & stuff like this doesn't bother me but all this stuff combined w/even more c**p has had me stressed!! could this period issue be just from the stress? i've never had this happen before & it scares me more so because of the length of time w/no pap. my boss won't let me off work that often so i have to save everything for when my kids are sick. please, any incite would help. this has me stressing even more!!