I am currently taking birth control pills and have been for a while now. I was suppose to start my period this week, and i started wednesday night, but i don't know if i really consider it a "period" because it was brown & extremely light. My guess is that i'm spotting, yesterday, (thursday) it was still really light and brownish, but in the middle of the day i started to bleed like i would normally, then it started to get really light and brown again. I woke up this morning (Friday) with hardly anything, still brown. I'm hoping that i'll start to actually bleed like i would in a regular period within the next 2 days but if not, does this mean that i am pregnant? Technically its not a "missed period" But does spotting count as having my period? The only thing i can think of that would have maybe caused this is about 2-3 weeks ago i took my pill 3 hours later then my usual time, and had sex without a condom, most times we use protection. And on monday i got a flu shot. p