I should start by saying that I just got my period after waiting 2 months to get it. I have a coupple of concerns.
About 2-4 days before I got my period (1-24-08; thursday) I had some very light spotting I may say. It is kind of weird to explain. When I went to the bathroom I would pee a very light pinkish yellowish color and when I would wipe it would be the same color. At first I thought it was my imagination but it happened until I got my period (1-24-08; thursday) I just finished my period very early in the morning on Sunday (1-27-08) and on the evening of Monday I started spotting. Not too much, just a few drops every hour or so, but it still has not gone away. It is a brownish red discharge. I also have cramps and very bad headaches and backaches.
My period also last about 3-4 days and I never have spotting!
If someone can help me that would be great.