So i just got back on birth control not having been on it for almost two years. Here's my dilemma

1. I started last monday (2/23), missed a pill on wednesday and took two thursday

2. had unprotected sex friday night into saturday. to my knowledge he didn't cum inside of me, just on the sheets

3. i took plan b sunday morning (roughly 24 hrs later) because i started to freak out. now im experiencing some nausea.

4. technically, my ovulation day was sunday if we're dating back to the last time i had gotten my period. 

am i safe? i know that bc is effective after seven days usually, but since i missed a day, im concerned. does BC prevent ovulation immediately in which case i would not have been ovulating this past weekened? i took plan b once and still got pregnant but that instance he FULLY ejaculated in on my ovaluation day, so i guess that was expected.

im having serious anxiety and the thought of waiting two weeks for my period is daunting