Hello..!!! I was experiencing heavy bleeding while BM (completely painless) for last 6 months. I went to a surgeon and he said that I have 3rd degree piles. I have to go for immediate surgery. Then I had my stapled hemorrhoidopexy with general anesthesia on 19th August 2015. I had very low hemoglobin level. So I had to take 2 bags of blood before surgery and 1 bag after. I stayed overnight and got released next day. I had my first BM on 2nd day with extreme pain. I experienced extreme pain on every BM after that. Doctor prescribed me 2 pain killers which didn't work for me at all. Anyways, coming back to the main part.. I felt something like a grape on the 4th day, very much painful. There were white liquids coming from that. Everytime I went toilet, extreme pain due to that grape shaped thing. Doctor was out of country so finally I saw him on 30th August. He said, this is a skin tag, come tomorrow morning and will trim that with laser surgery. I went there and had that removed. It took 5 minutes with local anesthesia and pain was unbelievable. After that I came home. And from that day, I can't sit on hard or semi hard surfaces. I took sitz bath 5-7 times a day. For last 2 days, I am experiencing blood again while BM not that much like before. Doctor said, I can go back to work after 10 days. I had my second surgery done on day 12. Now this pain is not going away. Such a discomfort. Spend more than thousand dollars on these. Still suffering. Doctor asked me to go for follow up after 2 weeks. I am messed up with overall situation. Work, Pain, BM, Blood..... Dont know when I will be pain free and how long will take these to heal..!!!