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Hello All,

I am currently 11 days post hemorroidectomy (2/13/15) and thought I would share my story. 2 Internals.... Coming home after the procedure didnt seem to bad.  I was actually able to get up and walk around over the next 2 days.  I was surprised by this nd then remembered that the doctor said I had numbing cream inside me that can last up to 48 hours..   Well it did.. after that the pain hit me really hard.  I was on Percocet but didnt fing that helpful so I relied on the Advil which made a hige difference in managing my pai.  My first BM was on day 3.. Not pretty but very painful.  Sitz batch really do work and I made it as hot as possile. Day 3 -Day 7 for me was pretty much the same experience between having the pain an BM's.  Just alot of lying around doing nothing.  When day 8 came I actually felt a little bit better in regards to pain.  BM's still burn alot so that has not changed. I attempt to  walk and do things around the house but I get so exhaused that I have to sit down to catch my breath.  I thought that was odd especiall since I run alot. Day 9 felt great again except for BM's.  I was ready to go back to work the next day.  That evening turned on me quickly.  Mt 2nd BM of the day was at 5:30pm..  At 9:30pm I had to go again. I thought this was strange but I went anyways..  Nothing but blood came out of me. I was a bit nervous seeing that..  I chalked it up to a helaing process..  Every hour and a half I went to the bathroom and had the same result, this time with a bunch of clots in the toilet.  I began freaking out as it was not 12:30am.  I called the on call dr and explained my situation and I was told that this can be normal and is actually my body healing itself.  I was a little relieved but when does it stp.   This went on until 5:00AM.  My last BM became gas only.. Thank goodness!!  Since there was so much blood no of this burned which I am completely grateful.  SO instead of working I stayed home to make sure I was ok.. Was a pretty goo day and then I had an 8pm BM.  I will say that after each BM I have I am in alot of pain.  The pain usually lasts 1 1/2 -2 hours before I even feel like doing anything again.  Day 11 and I am finally back at work as I rotate each butt cheeck and standing and walking to make myself comfortable.  I still need to clean myself up every few hours from the surgical area so no skin rash develops.  Hopefully this can make someone aware of what to expect moving forward and I hope each day day gets better. Expect the pain for a good week and then lesses each day from there.  Have my 2 week followup on Thursday 2/27/15.


Well I am just about 6 weeks post op...  The everyday pain in gone but BM's are still a little sore.  My main issue now is any kind of discharge after a BM.  This usually lasts for a while and I need to keep either gause pad or folded toilet paper between my cheeks so my clothes dont get soiled.  Other than that, I can run walk play with my kids with no worries.  At 1 week I wouldnt of recommended this surgery to anyone.. Now that Im 6 weeks and no pain I definitely recommend it.. What a great feeling to have a BM and not have to deal with blood.  Good lick to all who are debating this surgery.. there is light at the end of the tunnel.