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I started using the nuvaring over 6 months ago. i have had two periods since using. i have never had early, or irregular bleeding in the past 6 months. but just this morning i woke up and im lightly bleeding. i read on the nuva ring website, that irregular bleeding may occur within the first few months of using it. so im rather baffled because ive only bled when im supposed to (every 3 months). i should have already experienced irregular bleeding if it were caused from the nuvaring. unless im wrong. i read that spotted bleeding could be due to the implantation bleeding, that i could be pregnant. can anyone give me some advice?!   im not supposed to start my period for another 2 months!

 if this is possibly caused from the implantation of the egg in my uterus, would it be too soon to test for pregnancy?


yes it can be implantaion bleeding. hard to say for sure thou. after its been 2 weeks after sex then you can take a test to know for sure.