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I am 62 and tripped over on my way home from shopping,I fell hitting my sternum full force on a pair of wedged heel shoes I was carrying over my shoulder and as I fell went under me,it has been two weeks and is still really sore,what do you have to do in the way of recovery?I know the Doctor cant do much even if it is cracked.


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I know that a lot of people have bad experience with sternum injuries. However many think that they have fractured their sternum bone while they just have hit it a little harder. I think that you have to wait a little more because two weeks sometimes is not that long of a period when it comes to these kind of injuries that might be severe. Have you been using any pain killers in order to lower the pain that you have in your chest? Your doctor can do a scan of your chest to see if there are any fractures in the chest. I hope that this helped you in any way.


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