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I was in a car accident on Dec 10th just past. Hubby and I suspected I had more injuries then had been told at our local hospital which is a horrid place to be in the 1st place.
We went to Duke Uni yesterday and found out that not only do I have more vertebra fractures but also my sterum is fractured which sure explains why the pain has been so excruciating~though I am very grateful to even be alive.
Has anyone here suffered a fractured sternum? I would love any advice, input, etc.



I actually got a fractured sternum from a car accident 8 years ago and had surgery with 2 metal plates and 8 screws there. It still hurts from time to time but at least my sternum bone is not sticking out of my chest anymore. I know you have an old post but I figured any info would help because 8 years later, my sternum still does not feel normal. Moreover, last year one of my metal plates is fractured but I left it alone because it's not damaging my organs or anything else. I'm going to try to get this checked up every year just in case I have a screw that fell out and is rolling around in my body. I know, scary. Good luck!