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i am 16 and fell in the shower and landed on my sternum on the edge of the bath.
ever since then i have felt a little light headed, there is pain when i touch the bone or when i move or do any physical activity. Also when i take a deep breathe in or out my chest hurts.
if anyone could let me know how severely i hurt myself upon this fall it would be very much appreciated.



This is very unfortunate to hear. I know that sternum fractures are very often when it comes to accidents that involve chest area. I know that there is also a possibility of fracture but in your case I don’t think that you have one. I think that your sternum just suffered from the injury that you have had and that you feel a lot of pain which might indicate the fracture. You could try to use some pain killers in order to get rid of the pain in the chest. Also do not do any physical activities in next several days. I hope that this was helpful in any way.


All the best to you,