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Hi All,

A couple of months ago while playing hockey, I fell onto the butt-end of an ice-hockey stick. The stick hit me right in the middle of the chest.

As of now, 9 weeks after the incident I still feel pain while doing push-ups, or even if I touch the area.

I think it's a bone bruise, but could it be something else?

Thanks for any reply's!



Hi there, if you got hit in the chest, it is probably not a bone bruise. It sounds more to me like you may have cracked your sternum. You need to go to the doctor to have it x-rayed, okay? Can you go as soon as possible?


I think that you might consider seeing your doctor in order to see if there are any fractures in your chest. You might have fractured your ribs or your sternum. In my opinion you have this pain because you do too much exercise. You have to understand that injury that you had was not a simple one and it sounds to me like a very serious thing. Did you have any swelling in your chest? Did you have a lot of pain when you try to inhale a lot of air at once? I hope that this helped you in any way and that you will get better soon.

All the best to you,