Over the past few weeks, more likely three I have come up with a varied amount of symptoms. Considering it started the week or more after my period had last taken affect, it causes some concern. I have been frequently going to the bathroom, roughly half an hour apart, sometimes if lucky further apart. Been drinking water excesivly due to dehydration, and have come to notice nausea, headaches, iritabilty, breast soreness along with swelling, cramps, & fatigue. The nausea usually subsides when I eat, but shortly arrises again when I become active. I am a smoker, and have been for seven years (age 19), which puzzles me now because I can smell things I normally wouldn't. As a perfume that would smell mildly pleasent before, has become overly gaging, or the smell of lunchmeat becomes strongly appitizing, although the idea of meat has become repolsive which cravings for dairy products and vegetables have replaced my normal diet. Should I get a blood test, or is it probably the flu?