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ok this is my ongoing health problem, im a 17, almost 18 year old male. if no health support can be provided..just some support in general would be MOST appreciated...stress always makes me feel worse! ive researched a TON but still cant be sure..

BACKGROUND: i used to be a big eater...i weigh about 155 and am about 5' 9". so nothing too major. i just used to eat quite a bit, it wasnt bad food. just alot. i ate cereal and orange juice right before i went to sleep and was ADDICTED to hot/sour foods. i occasionally would drink a couple tablespoons of vinegar and feel a rejuvenating feeling in the heart. i used to eat very spicy foods and one time got major heartburn so i stopped.

Ok so ill start with the beginning of my issue. It started 2 months ago, one day i had a VERY stressful day, got home from working and had a strange attack. I got very dizzy and felt chest pain, probably a panic attack. Then for the next couple days i had chest discomfort(kind of a fluttery feeling...sometimes it felt good, sometimes bad. kind of like a chest if you were at high altitude). I also was, and still am, short of breath. So for the next couple days i was ill with that and then i felt alright. Those side effects came back about a week later...i then went to see my doctor. i got an EKG and some blood tests and all came out perfect. cholesterol and everything was great. so i thought nothing of it and surely it went away. So i was fine for another week and then it came on once again, only less severe in the chest, more fluttery in my upper body muscles. weakness in the arms which persists. and my neck sometimes got spasms but they didnt feel bad, it was pleasent along with much of this "discomfort" but that concerns me. It may have felt interesting but it scares me. the neck feeling are very brief lasting only a couple seconds and they come and go hourly about. I forgot to mention these side effects last 24/7, never get much relief. So now i am having stomach issues, many of the symptoms of acid reflux. but not heartburn. the chest pain is in the upper chest, usually on the faaar right and left sides. i measure my heart rate and blood pressure every day and never they are irregular. i have noticed a decrease in my blood pressure. from an average of 120/80 to now being about an average of 106/67. Let it be known that for the past month ive been eating EXTREMELY healthy and have lost 10 pounds. not sure if maybe the drop in salt could explain that blood pressure drop? forgot to mention i often get dizzy from all these symptoms as well.

so back to my stomach pain/GERD pains. most of these symptoms involve me having MASSIVE NAUSEA all the time, but i havent vommitted this whole illnessi went to the doctor who thinks its GERD but says it could be an ulcer. he put me on prilosec and said take it for 10 days, stop and see if the symptoms return. im on my 3rd day and am not seeing much improvement. i started having true abdominal pain after i started taking the prilosec...before that it was mostly just the nausea.

SO(thanks for sticking with me if your still reading), i researched quite a bit and beleive it may be an ulcer with complications that caused some form of anemia possibly? this would explain the chest problems and the weak arms? but i havent vommitted blood or anything and havent seen any bloody stools. ill pay closer attention. i just want some reassurance/ideas on what the problem is/may be. if anybody has ANY questions PLEASE ask me. ill respond ASAP. i just dont want to have to worry about something (sorry for being dramatic..its just how i feel, guess illness does this to you) fatal.

-Very Nauseas
-Upper Chest pains when lying down usually.
-Bad eating habits before hand, eating acidic food before sleep
-alot of discomfort in chest stomach. not pain just a strange (sometimes good) feeling
-mild drop in blood pressure
-normal heart rate always. even in worst times of attack
-started eating very healthy(maybe not enough iron is possible?) and am getting more exercise.
-Shortness of breath.
-FORGOT TO MENTION THIS: when i stretch a certain way my chest "Aches." yknow the pain you get with sore muscles. it does that briefly. probably insignificant.
-i did have heartburn a couple of times, and i do have mild regurgitation in the back of my throat.

i really appreciate your support!

P.S: antacids help me alot. i also didnt think much of this...but for a night or two i lay down to sleep and my nerves went nerve ending felt VERY tingly, semi orgasmic (kind of an exaggeration there...but still it was weird) im assuming it was because i lay down to sleep after i had been laying down all day doing nothing.


I know you probably don't want to hear this as I am sure you have heard before, Sounds like anxiety with panic attacks.  I have been there, same symptoms, constantly checking heart rate and blood pressure, (nurse so I have a stethescope) bringing that home from work so that I have it in case I need it, these are called coping measures.   Recently read a book called the anxiety workbook and oh my gosh, it described me to a T.  I have numerous tests over the years EKG's, heart monitors, abdominal ultrasounds and numberous blood tests all have been fine.    Our bodies do weird things when we are stressed and/or anxious.  Chest pain, palpatations, shortness of breath, abd pain, dizziness, fatigue, tingling and numbness in extremities are some signs of anxiety but there are a lot more.  Once I admitted to myself that it is just anxiety I am now able to be happier person.  I still have weird symptoms, chest pain, palpitations off and on, dizziness here and there and yeah it creeps me out a bit, but you gotta tell yourself you are ok and you will feel better. I highly recommend a anxiety self help workbook, helped me tons. 



Consider seeing a naturopathic doctor i had multiple similar problems i started taking magnesium citrate Calm product worked awesome.