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hi,i had a termination bout 4 and half months ago.bled for two weeks.then i had the depo neddle so i wouldnt fall pregnant.i didnt bleed for the first month then bled for 2 months.then a month ago i had my tubes tied a month ago.bled for 2 weeks but started to heal like i should .then started to get severe stomach pains they are constant.i shouldnt have them four weeks after getting my tubes tied.went to the doctor she sent me for an ultrasound and said i have a 3 and a half centametre cyst on my ovary but said that wouldnt cause the severe pain im having.dont know if its of any relevance but ive had loop surgery last year for pre canceras lumps from cancer of the cervix i get checked in january to see if they have come back or not.


I had my tubes tied years ago, i have not been the same since. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the stomach aches and cramps that i had was ridiculous. Things were never the same. Iregular periods, extreme cramps, large clots, long bleed time, missed cycles, bloating, severe PMS, painful intercourse, bleeding during intercourse, endless UTI's......i hated it. I was fortunate to go thru meno early in life, thank God. I have not had a period now for 7 years. I attribute all of this bad stuff to my tubal.

Now, someone else who has had the same procudure may have had a wonderful outcome, that's great, but i am just shareing my experience, we are all different.