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I have had my tubes tied for almost 6 years. Just had them tied.  My periods are regular and they come on every month.  Start off heavy then to light.  Well this month 4 days before my period I started spotting.  Just enough for a pantyliner.  The blood was dark brown color.  The bleeding was extremely light.  This have never happened to me before.  Lately I have been tired during the day.  Taking naps everyday.  Headaches,nausea, feeling bloated, breast sensitive.  Have these little goosebumps that has formed around my nipple.  The question is could I be pregnant.


My mom did. She had a tubal done in 1977, after she gave birth to my two younger sisters. About 5 years later, they had grown back together, and she had another girl. The doc asked her if she wanted another tubal. She said no, maybe she'd like to have one more child. She did, then she got a tubal again in 1983. Well, lo and behold in 1992 she's pregnant with twin boys. After they are born, the doc says, do you want to get another tubal. My mom said F-IT. It doesn't work. She went on to have one more set of twins, and was pregnant with another little girl the same time I was PG the first time. Sadly, that baby was lost.

So, to set your mind at ease, though, I had a cycle like that recently. (I had a tubal almost 3 years ago) I was about 2 weeks late, and I finally started. But then the next one came normally. Take a test and if it's negative (which I'm willing to bet it will be) don't worry. Funny thing about it, my friend was late at the same cycle as me, she was about 16 days late when she started.

BTW, your husband should know that you can't sue the doc. You signed a paper stating that tubal ligation is NOT 100%. :)