Hi all. So I had a hemorrhoidectomy​ this past Wednesday. It went pretty well. For some background info - I'm a 32 year old female who's in decent health. I've been suffering from hemorrhoids for about 5 years. They started when I was in labour with my first child.  They've been progressively getting worse so I decided to see a surgeon and do something about it since non-surgical procedures didn't provide relief. 

I have a few questions regarding some symptoms I've been having since the surgery. Has anybody else had these symptoms or know if they're normal or will go away?

-I was put under for the surgery using general anesthesia. They also froze my anus with local anesthesia. Ever since waking up from the surgery my right toe has been numb and tingly. It's been 3 days now and it's not getting better. I think if I had a spinal I'd just assume a nerve was hit, but I didn't have a spinal. Is this a known effect of anesthesia? Or maybe a nerve in the anus is connected to a nerve in the toe? 

-Besides the extreme bruising, I was so happy with the look of my newly modified anus haha. Until today. I noticed there is what appears to be a new hemorrhoid. Please tell me this is normal and will go away?

-I was prescribed 2 laxatives. They seem to be doing the job but they make my stomach/guts really grumble and create a lot of gas. It hurts to pass gas and it seems like I'm passing gas 24/7 because of these laxatives. Any suggestions (besides stopping the laxatives because at this point I don't think that's an option)?

-The majority of my pain is inside my rectum. Sitz baths and ice packs do nothing to ease the pain.The hydromorphone I was prescribed does nothing either, besides make me sweaty and tired. Surprisingly Advil helps the pain more than the hydromorphone, but it still hurts a lot. Any suggestions for the internal pain? I have stitches inside my rectum so I don't want to stick anything up there and risk ripping a stitch. 

Thanks in advance!