Over the past few of months, I have seen stools of these colors, in order as far as I can remember, but of course broken up by some normal ones:

Very dark brown, nearing black
Bloody (Reason I didn't immediately see a doctor here was I figured it may be a hemorrhoid, and if it happened again, then I'd be more concerned... and it didn't)
Green (I don't eat any vegetables, bad I know, nor anything green with food coloring)
White spots twice, two weeks apart, second time it was overall somewhat pale (and don't remember the first)

I used to get constipated and have nausea fairly often. I had pains in my upper stomach immediately after eating, occuring randomly (can eat the same thing multiple times but it only happens once or twice), and only at night. One time it got rather severe, where I had then hoped a trip to the bathroom would help, but it didn't, and through this I discovered it far too painful to walk. I then laid on my stomach and after about 10 minutes of that it went away. Usually the pain's not too bad and can be relieved by sitting up really straight, whereas slouching forwards makes it worse. I had much more gas than usual; I used to never burp, and it felt like all I ever did after eating. My stomach would growl, not sounding like it's supposed to, but almost like machinery or something. Now, I basically have no symptoms, except for the recent white spotted stool.

I've read from others who have had postpartum issues, and I'm really hoping this isn't the case as I also had postpartum thyroid problems (because it's not enough torture?). I shouldn't think that could be a potential cause, as it was a year ago, but I do remember having much more gas than usual following childbirth (but it always wanted the exit opposite of burping until recently).

Unrelated, I'm sure, but I've had other problems too... acne and oily hair has kind of randomly appeared overnight.

So I don't know. I don't have insurance or money to see a doctor. Does anyone have any thoughts on... anything?