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Everyone has that one pair of jeans or trousers that they want to fit into to, but what about filling them properly? Getting the perfect bottom shape is just as important as losing weight so try this home workout to shape those buns.

Shaping your bottom is just as important as trying to lose weight. Once you can get into those perfect jeans, you'll want to make sure you can fill them properly. The bottom is made up of the gluteus maximus muscle which is the largest in width across the whole body and it's one of the most powerful. It connects above the hip and attaches onto the femur (upper leg) so exercises that use your core and legs are great bum builders.

This workout is broken down into two mini circuits with four exercises in each. Circuit one is designed for beginners and circuit two is slightly harder but give both a go in each workout.

Complete each exercise 20 times without rest between exercises and do the whole circuit three times.

Circuit One - Beginners

Remember to complete each exercise 20 times and then move onto the next without stopping if you can. Then rest for two minutes and complete the whole circuit again.

Squat: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and the toes facing forwards. When ready, place your hands on your hips and lower your bottom as if you are trying to sit on a chair but make sure your knees do not push in front of your toes. Keep your back straight and lower until knees are at 90 degrees. Hold and then straighten the legs again to stand upright.

Lunge: Stand with feet together and the toes facing forwards, placing the hands on the hips to help you balance. When ready, step forward with one leg and then aim to lower the rear knee until it is about an inch from the floor, hold and then bring the leg back to the start position. Repeat again 10 times and switch to the other leg. Try to keep the body facing forwards and the front knee shouldn't go over the front toes.

Rear Leg Raises: For this exercise you might want to use a mat or complete on a carpeted area as it can hurt the knees. Get into position on the mat in all fours with your lower leg flat against the floor. When ready lift one leg - keeping balanced with the arms - and push the bottom of your foot towards the sky until the upper leg is in line with the body and parallel to the floor. Hold and then bring back to the start position. Complete 10 times and then switch legs.

Hip Lift: Staying on the mat turn over and lay on your back but put your feet flat on the floor so your knees are bent and you make a triangle with the floor. Place your hands down by your side and your palms flat against the floor. When ready squeeze the tummy and bottom muscles and lift your hips off the floor until your body and legs make a straight line. From your knee to your shoulders should be completely straight, hold for three seconds and then slowly lower. To make this harder, do not let your bottom rest on the ground but hold it about an inch above.

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