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My daughter is 5 1/2 years old. She has been having a chronic stomach ache for about a month and half. She has seen a doctor and a five days ago she started having a green stool her white blood count has doubled in a day! :( ! Her tempature has been over 103! what do I do!


Pamela Duke

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What has she been eating? My daughter's stools even today at age 9 will change depending on foods. If something she has been eating has a high blue or purple food coloring to it, that may be a reason for the green color.

As far as temp etc. We found our daughter had an allergy to food dyes when she was younger. It made her very very ill, same like you are going through. Hers was mostly with red food coloring but any high concentration of dye would have the effect until once it gave her infection internally/digestivly and we had to cut out all food colorings.
She is perfectly fine now.

Good luck!