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I'm 21, Male.

Last week I had pain on the lower left side of my abdomen, it doesn't hurt much I just feel the pain when the left side of my stomach gets pressed or when I bend my body forward, also I started having thinner stools than usual and a lot of gas.

The pain lasted for one week then the same day after the pain was gone I suddenly had a slight fever for two days (that was last Friday til yesterday) my stool were still thin and yesterday the color was dark green.

Now I feel fine, I don't have fever and don't feel pain anymore but my stool is still thin and this morning I got bothered when I saw a black color (most of it were brown and floating except for that black one that sank.)

I'm not sure if the abdominal pain has something to do with the slight fever because they didn't occur on same time, I haven't consulted with a doctor yet because I'm scared. Also I want to observe my condition first for a few days.

Anyone have an idea what this is? Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I actually am having that same thing myself , feeling worried though


Lower left side pain sometimes means diverticulitis. Thin stool can be just random or be indicative of inflammation. Stool that is green or black can mean you've eaten something heavily coloured (think Oreos or brightly coloured icings) or it could indicate a larger problem, potentially with your gall bladder or your liver.

If, after googling diverticulitis, you think that is it - see your doctor. Caught early you only need to make minor dietary changes (increase fiber, never eat popcorn or hard seeds like pumpkin seeds). Ignore it and you may need surgery. Ignore it for too long and you may need a colostomy bag or die. It's really better just to get the CAT scan to rule it out of your symptoms match up. Diverticulitis is actually way more common than you think.

If your symptoms go away but then come back, see your doctor too. Repeated inflammations might just be IBS but it could be more serious. Anything from a gluten allergy to crohns to cancer. It's worth the peace of mind to just see your doc.