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Hi. I am 57 an have used mj for years - once a day at the end of the day usually and more on weekends. I recently stopped altogether and my bp has been about 160/95 to 170/100.  I haven't checked my bp frequently, but every time I have for the past 2 months my bp has been high. I was diagnosed a while back with pre-hypertension but am not currently on meds for anything. The last check in the Drs office was 130/85 but that was maybe a year ago or so.

I was wondering if the high bp is related and how long it might take for it to return to a more normal level. I don't want to start bp meds right away (although I have thought of starting to take them again - I have old prescription) as I would like to detox and clear my system.

I have all the usual detox symptoms - ups and downs, depression, anxiety, dreaming, smoking dreams - still after 2 months.  I have read that it could take upwards of 2 years to completely detox.

I deliberated on my choice for a while. I am not going to say that mj is bad or good or whatever - it was a conscious choice to stop...for good.

Any advice?


No one interested in my post I guess and I am the only one following...oh well.