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My dad recently had a check up and it seems he has a high blood pressure.Doctor said its very risky for a person to have 170/110 BP particularly when a person is very calm and doesnt lose his patience soon.Doc said this is affecting his heart and also kidney.Moreover the BP is not reducing even after taking tablets.I m worried if there is any serious issue!!!Any suggestions on how to control his BP and also let me know what are the risks?

Thank You.


I'm a boomer that had BP in the high 160's.  I found an otc called Blood Pressure Formula by Healthy Choice Naturals and after 6 months my BP is in the low 130's, sometimes in the 120's.  I have a cuff bp monitor that was calibrated at my DR's office so I trust the readings.  One thing I've noticed is that I find it necessary to take several readings and average the results.  Hope this can help your Dad.