Previous studies already discovered that Parkinson’s disease often damages motor skills and speech. One thing that’s new is that researchers are trying to develop a way to diagnose this disease earlier so it can be prevented or stopped in it’s progression. It seems that simple blood test can detect Parkinson’s earlier and provide more efficient treatment for these patients.

Some of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are tremors, slow movement and muscular stiffness. Diagnosing this disease is not simple and patients are often mistreated because the diagnose was not correct especially in its early stages. Therefore, this new scientific theory give hope that diagnosing Parkinson’s in it’s early stages may be of great importance for future treatments. Researchers claim that by detecting chemical changes in blood they can diagnose this disease in it’s earlier stages.

Parkinson’s has a severe impact on quality of life in patients and if it’s discovered earlier they can receive treatment and expect better prognosis. Researchers discovered that there are 500 genes that are affected with Parkinson’s and their chemical changes can be discovered in blood samples. Scientists and the patients are hoping that next research can prove this study and start with treatment before disease goes to the next level.