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I am a 23 male coming to 24 this year, I used to exercise regularly in my teens till around 21 years old. Now I exercise only occasionally. I am 178m tall, weighing 75kg.

The problem is, in some rare but increasing occasions, my heart will take a heavy beat once and continue normally afterwards. Just today I had 2 such events occuring. It isnt painful nor is it a case of rapid heartbeat which I read about in this forum. Hence, I have no idea what this means. I also noticed I start having this problem when I exercise regularly for a few days but stop for a long time. During that period of not exercising, I will experience the problem stated. I am not sure if it has any correlation with my irregular exercise regime but I noticed this happening a few times.

So what should I do about this sudden heavy beat. Again, its not causing pain, I'm just concerned with it is a sympton of a heart problem.

Thanks in advance.

Concerned 23


I have had the same things with my stomach and heart. Here is the real reason.
1: excess gas is caused by bad bacteria in the intestines.
2: When to bad bacteria gets out of control ( do to many reason )
the bacteria attacks the heat's sack. your heart has a bag around it.
your body protects your organs first so when this happens your defense system is low ( lack of sleep, poor diet, to much alcohol, antibiotics ..yes antibiotics! While they kill the bad germ ...they also kill the good germs.
3: When you heart's sack is irritated it causes extra thumps. and the bacteria causes mega gas in the stomach.

I have had this problem since I was around 22 yrs old, I am 33 now and have had control of my life back. The fear of dying, having a heart attack are now the past. I have taken all the meds in the world from 37 different Dr's over the past 10 years that never worked. Every heart test was fine but they still gave me meds?? $$$$

There is a natural cure for this and requires exact attention to detail.
you will have to upgrade you life and how you eat and things you do that will benefit you for the rest of your long life.

I have learn a lot from my own trials with this problem and have found what works. There are Many other benefits.

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"in some rare but increasing occasions, my heart will take a heavy beat once and continue normally afterwards."

I am a 24-year-old Chinese, living in Beijing. I have the exact same problem and I found it has some relation with my stomach. When my stomach is sick, it is more likely to happen. Because it is always sudden and quick, I can't tell where the problem come from. It is like a heavy heartbeat or a twitch in chest, difficult to describe.

In this Spring, I checked stomach, heart and many other organs in hospital. The result suggested HP germs in stomach while other organs were normal. I took medicines to get rid of HP germ for 2 months. The 13-C test in May/2009 proved no HP in my stomach. Even my stomach is much better now in terms of pain and excess gas, it still gets sick sometimes especially after eating dry or cold or spicy food. And the strange heart feeling still happens occasionally, in most cases companied with sick in stomach.

I think WILSON maybe right. Exercise and good diet may control the problem.