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Starts in the Gut ( Most sickness and illnesses )

One of my sicknesses and the hidden truth why it happened:
1: excess gas is caused by bad bacteria in the intestines.
(Bowel Movments release high amounts of bacteria in the blood stream)
2: When to bad bacteria gets out of control ( do to many reason )
the bacteria attacks the heat's sack. your heart has a bag around it.
your body protects your organs first so when this happens your defense system is low ( Meds, meds, lack of sleep, poor diet, to much alcohol, antibiotics ..yes antibiotics! While they kill the bad germ ...they also kill the good germs.
3: When you heart's sack is irritated it causes extra thumps. and the bacteria causes mega gas in the stomach.

I have learn a lot from my own trials with this problem and have found what works. There are Many other benefits.

"We love to waste money on thing that kill us and Hate to invest money on things that Heal Us" -- The Truth WIlson

Time to Wake up Peoples. Invest in you life. Invest in you Health