A professor of soil, water and environmental sciences, Charles Gerba, from the University of Arizona tested more than 100 offices and found that our office desks harbored far more bacteria than our workplace restrooms.

Even more surprising was the fact that female desks had three to four times more germs than male desks.

Bacteria are everywhere, on and around the desks, phones, keyboards, computers, and other personal items and one would think that men were “germier”, however they are not.

The thing is that women have more interactions with small children and food as well as makeup. Cosmetics and hand lotions are said to be huge germ-transfer agents. Female drawers are always full of food, another germ harbor. 75% of the women were found to have munchies in their desks.

When it comes to men, their wallets, sitting tight in the warm back pockets as well as their personal digital assistants are also very good bacterial incubators. Their Palm Pilots are full of germs as they tend to play more games and watch videos.

Professor Gerba found that the average office desktop had 400 times more bacteria than the average office toilet seat. He recommends using hand sanitizers as well as daily disinfection of the office surfaces to avoid infections.