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i m 30, and since young age, i have weak digestion problems,
if i eat heavy or oily food, my stomach feels heavy and lack of hunger.

3 month ago we shifted in new area. and we use bottle water. because the tap water is hard and undrinkable.

i am feeling that after shifting here i am having stomach problems. like heavy feeling all time. stomach ache sometime. also lots of burp and gas passing with bad order.
i eat lite and healthy food. its not because of food. so is it water?

i went to my home town for last 15 days and i lost all stomach problems.
but after 3 days of coming back m having gas passing and stomach ache again.

why these things happening to me? m feeling very embarrassing in front of my hubby when i have bad order burps.

if its because of drinking water. then why my hubby not having these problems?
and the water bottle is filtered. is it possible that is may contain hardness or any king of bacteria ?

help me


HAVE YOU HAD YOUR GALLBLADDER CHECKED.. this sounds like the things i went through. i was burping rotten eggs. heavy in middle of chest, like a brick. one day it felt like i was having a heart attack and thats when we found out about my gall bladder. so good luck